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Change Your Reservations - Now Available On

Flying on US Airways?

If you need to make changes to reservations booked through US Airways, please visit »

Which airline is operating my flight?

On you have the flexibility to change certain domestic reservations online anytime you want. Simply click the "View/Change Reservations" tab on the home page (you may be prompted to login) and then enter your record locator in the 'Find Reservations' box.

If your ticket can be changed online, choose from the alternate flight options offered. A summary will show your new fare and any applicable change fees - helping you determine the choice that's right for you.

If your ticket is not eligible for change online you will see a message stating the reason and you may Contact AA Reservations to make your change instead.

How Do I Change My Reservation?

  • Login to with your AAdvantage number and password or enter as a guest. You may also login with the email address associated to your AAdvantage account. To use this alternate login feature, the email address should be unique and not associated to more than one AAdvantage account.
  • Select the "My Reservations/Flight Check-In" tab on the home page

    Change Your Reservations
  • You can View/Change your itinerary details
  • If you do not see the Change Flight(s) button Contact AA Reservations to make changes

    Change Summary
  • Indicate which flight(s) you want to change and select Change Selected Flight
  • On the Change Reservation page you will enter the search criteria for your new itinerary and select GO
  • Choose your new flight(s) and select Continue
  • View the Change Summary to see if additional charges or refunds apply
  • Confirm your changes by clicking the red Continue button
  • A confirmation of your changes will be sent to you via the email associated with your record locator or you may enter a new email address

If additional charges need to be paid then you will be taken to the Review and Pay page to enter payment details

What Are The Requirements To Change A Ticket Online?

You may change your reservation online up to three hours prior to your originally scheduled flight departure if all of the following requirements are met:

  • Your travel is entirely on American Airlines, American Eagle and/or one of our AA-marketed codeshare partners for travel within/between the:
    • U.S.
    • Puerto Rico
    • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • There is one e-ticket per passenger
  • Your next unflown flight is three hours or more from when you make the change
  • Your ticket is for revenue travel. At this time award travel and other types of promotional travel are not eligible for online changes
  • Your itinerary contains no more than four origination and destination (From/To) cities

    From And To Imput Boxes
  • Your reservation contains six passengers or less
    • Changes are applied to all passengers in the reservation
    • Contact AA Reservations if one or more of the passengers is not making a change so those individuals can be separated from the reservation
  • Your ticket was issued in USD currency
  • Your ticket was purchased with a single credit card and the ticket was issued by or American Airlines Reservations
  • Your reservation contains a valid mailing address

  • What Parts Of My Reservation Can Be Changed Online?

    • Any unflown portion of a domestic American Airlines, American Eagle flight, and/or one of our American Airlines-marketed codeshare partners itinerary
    • Cancel an entire itinerary
    • Change the name of your reservation
    • Change your seat

    How Do I Know If A Refund Is Due?

    If your Total Cost of Change appears in parentheses as shown in the sample below, you are eligible for a refund. Refunds will either be returned to your original form of payment or mailed to you in the form of a travel voucher depending upon the fares rules associated with your ticket

    Change Summary

    • An amount shown in parentheses indicates a REFUND.

    • For more information about our new Change Reservations feature, please visit our FAQ section.