The Next Generation Airport

Enjoy our new look and a simplified travel experience at DFW International

The New American Airlines Next Generation Airport Terminal

Our new airport design features our new look and offers a more intuitive and convenient airport experience, allowing you to easily move from check-in, to security to the gate.

A New Design

We've reimagined the traditional airport layout to bring you a more open space for the check-in area which lets you breeze through the airport. By replacing the standard walls of kiosks with free-standing kiosks and check-in podiums, our Agents can better serve you by providing a more personalized experience, allowing you to quickly get on your way to security. Prefer to do it yourself? The new layout also features individual kiosks where you can print your boarding pass, tag your own bags, drop them off and head on your way.

Want to speed up your trip through security? See if you're eligible for TSA Pre-Check and make it to your gate even faster.

First and Business Class travelers and AAdvantage® elite members can use a separate area for Priority check-in, with direct access to security for added convenience.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Cutting it close to departure time? Our new digital screens in the security area will soon display your wait in real-time, so you that you'll know when you can expect to arrive at the gate.

At the Gate

Life doesn't stop when you're at the airport, so we've added work tables and power outlets to every gate to keep you connected while you travel. Our next generation airport allows you to stay connected to work and friends as you wait to board your flight, ensuring that you'll never miss a beat.

We also know that a lot can change while you're at the gate. That's why our new airport design features gate-side kiosks, where you can print off a new boarding pass if you're flying standby, your upgrade clears, or your flight status changes for any reason. Have a lot of time before your flight? You can purchase a one-day Admirals Club® pass at our gate-side kiosk, or add on Group 1 Boarding if you want to get on the plane faster.

Where You'll Find It

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (gates A8 – A14) is the first location to complete this airport redesign. Because we know the airport is an important part of your travel journey, we'll continue to redesign some of our busiest airports in the near future.