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Entering International Passenger Details

In accordance with the U.S. Aviation and Transportation Security Act, passengers traveling internationally will be asked for certain information. In addition to standard contact and passenger details, information regarding country of residence and (for passengers visiting the United States) a U.S. Visiting Address will be solicited.

Providing this information in advance on will help speed the check-in process once you arrive at the airport.

You may provide this information online in one of the two following ways:
  1. At the end of the reservations process, you may submit this information when prompted (see below).

    International Passenger Details Module

  2. After your ticket has been purchased – on or elsewhere – find your reservation within "My Reservations". Select the applicable reservation from the list to view its details (see below), then select the red "ADD" button to update international passenger details.

    My Reservations Add APIS Data
You may also provide this information when prompted at our Self-Service Check In machines at select airports. For more information regarding international passenger details, please see our related FAQ section.