TSA Secure Flight

Information required for travel

You need to have full Secure Flight Passenger Data in your reservation at least 72 hours before your flight. If you make a reservation within 72 hours of flight departure, all information must be provided when booking.

Secure Flight Passenger Data

Add data to your reservation when you:

Or, add it to your AAdvantage account

Then, whenever you book on aa.com (as long as you’re logged in) all the required Secure Flight data will be automatically saved in your reservation – no extra steps needed!

  • Keeping your information private

    Privacy of individuals' personal information is an integral part of the Secure Flight program. TSA only collects the minimum amount of personal information necessary to conduct effective watch list matching. Additionally, personal data is collected, used, distributed, stored and disposed of in accordance with stringent guidelines and all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

For more information about the Secure Flight program, visit TSA's Secure Flight website.