Request Mileage Credit

Use our form on U.S. to request American Airlines, American Eagle or select partner airlines flight miles that didn't post to your account.
 Request Mileage Credit

Use this form to request mileage for flights flown:

* Within the last 12 months
* On American Airlines, American Eagle, or AmericanConnection® with flight numbers below 8000, and on selected partner airlines
* By companions on the same itinerary (miles will be credited to your companion's account)

Partner Airline Mileage Credit

* For mileage accrual eligibility, please verify that the booking code (i.e Y, B, M, H, K, etc.) on your partner airline ticket is listed on the AAdvantage Airline Partner Page.
* Select the partner airline from the airline drop down menu and input your flight information.
* If your booking code is listed as eligible for mileage accrual, but the partner airline does not appear in the airline drop down menu, please mail or fax a copy of your ticket receipt and boarding pass(es) to:

Fax : +1-817-963-7882