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AAdvantage One-Way Flex Awards

We've enhanced award travel by making MileSAAver® and AAnytime® awards - One-WayFlexAwards to use your AAdvantage miles.
Use your miles in a variety of award combinations to book a one-way trip, a roundtrip or a multi-city trip. You have more options, more flexibility, and almost endless ways to customise your award travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are AAdvantage One-Way Flex Awards?
A1. AAdvantage One-Way Flex Awards are a new way to use existing MileSAAver and AAnytime awards one-way.

Q2. Does this mean I can use my miles to travel one-way and pay only the one-way mileage amount?
A2. Yes, AAdvantage awards may now be used for one-way travel at the one-way mileage amount.

Q3. How do I know how many miles it will take for a one-way award?
A3. has been updated to reflect MileSAAver and AAnytime awards as one-way awards indicating the one-way miles needed. The award chart is available on the Making Award Reservations page.

Q4. What kind of one-way awards can I combine?
A4. You may combine MileSAAver awards with AAnytime awards, awards for travel in different cabins and/or awards for travel in Peak periods with awards for travel in Off Peak periods.

Q5. Can I combine awards valid for travel on other airlines?
A5. Yes, you may combine First Class, Business Class and Economy Class one-way awards when travelling on airlines participating in the AAdvantage programme.

Q6. Will I be able to use my miles for an AAnytime award travelling on other airlines participating in the AAdvantage programme?
A6. At this time, AAnytime awards are only valid on American Airlines and Envoy, Inc. carriers.

Q7. How many awards can I combine?
A7. You can combine up to four one-way awards on a single ticket.

Q8. Do one-way awards include any stopovers?
A8. One-way awards do not allow stopovers.

Q9. How can I travel to more than one city on a one-way award?
A9. Travelling to multiple cities requires multiple one-way awards.

Q10. Travel to more than one city was permitted on round-trip awards; why has this changed?
A10. Round-trip awards were designed to provide travel to and from one city. We understand that in the past some members benefited by making an extra stop en route. With the introduction of one-way awards, you can still travel to more than one city but it will require multiple one-way awards.

Q11. Will I have to pay any additional AAdvantage Award or reinstatement charges if I book and ticket two or more one-way awards?
A11. When applicable, AAdvantage charges are applied per ticket not per one-way award. Up to 4 one-way awards can be issued on one ticket.

Q12. Are there any awards that are not offered as one-way awards?
A12. Yes. Special limited time offer awards are not offered as one-way awards and may not be combined with other awards.

Q13. How can I book One-Way Flex Awards?
A13. One-Way Flex Awards can be booked on or via AAdvantage Reservations. Ticketing Service Charge applies when ticketing via Reservations, American Airlines Travel Center or Airport Ticket Office.

Q14. Why is American Airlines offering members these new award options?
A14. One-Way Flex Awards provide customers with more choice and more flexibility when booking AAdvantage award travel. These enhancements increase the value of the AAdvantage programme for our customers.

Q15. Since I can use my miles for one-way award travel, can I book a one-way award to travel to my destination and purchase a one-way fare ticket for the return – or vice versa?
A15. Yes. You may book a one-way award and a one-way purchased fare. You will receive two one-way tickets. For the purchased fare ticket, miles will accrue as normal and standard upgrade policies apply.

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