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Cookie Policy

Cookies on the American Airlines website

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible experience on our website. We also use cookies to show you advertising that is relevant to you. If you continue to browse our website without changing your settings you agree to receive cookies from the American Airlines website.

However, if you prefer, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Most browsers have options that allow the visitor to control whether the browser will accept cookies, reject cookies, or notify the visitor each time a cookie is sent. You may elect to reject cookies by adjusting your browser's settings, but doing so will limit the range of features available to the visitor on our website and most other major websites that use cookies. Find out more about managing cookies with the online resource All About Cookies.

What are the different types of cookies that American Airlines uses?

There are four types of cookies and American Airlines uses them for the following purposes:

  • 1. Essential cookies

    These cookies enable you to use the website. They store session data used by the website code. These cookies are essential to enable you to browse the website and use certain website features. Disabling them may prevent you from using certain parts of the website. Without these cookies, services like shopping activity and paying activity cannot be provided. These cookies also help keep the website safe and secure.

  • 2. Preference cookies

    These cookies store information such as your preferred country and language selection, AAdvantage login data and website preferences. Without these cookies, our website cannot remember certain choices you've previously made or personalise your browsing experience by providing you with relevant information. These cookies can also be used to recognise your device so that you do not have to provide the same information more than once.

  • 3. Performance cookies

    These cookies collect information about how you use our website such as which pages you visit most often. The information these cookies collect is anonymous and is used to improve how our website works. These cookies are used to provide you with the best experience possible such as tracking page load, site response times, error messages and browser data. They are also used to gather feedback on customer satisfaction through website surveys.

  • 4. Behavioural / Advertising cookies

    These cookies gather information about your browsing behaviour so we may better improve your site experience and provide you with more relevant content. They remember that you've visited our website and assist in providing information on understanding usage of products and services on the website. We do this in order to provide you with advertisements and messages that are relevant to you and your interests.

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To find out more about cookies and your privacy on the web, visit the online resource All About Cookies.