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Baggage Enquiries

Flying or connecting to US Airways?

US Airways has different policies on baggage. Learn more about their carry-on and checked bag policies before you book.


XClose Delayed / Lost Baggage

If you are unable to locate your bag upon arrival of your American Airlines flight, you should notify the American Airlines Baggage Desk prior to leaving the airport.

At that time, you will be given a six-letter File Locator ID and information explaining the baggage recovery process. You will need to quote your file locator in all conversation and correspondence regarding your delayed baggage.

Click on the red button below to check the status of your bag. You will be redirected to U.S. To come back to your local website, click on the back button of your browser.

check bag status

All efforts will be made to ensure that your bag is returned to you within 24 hours. Our Baggage Desk will contact you periodically to keep you informed of our progress in locating your baggage. In the unlikely event that we do not locate your bag within five days, our Central Baggage Service Department will contact you and ask you to provide a more detailed list of the contents on a Property Questionnaire Form.

If your journey included travel on other airlines, you will need to contact the Baggage Desk of the carrier that brought you to your final destination as they will be responsible for taking your claim and delivering your bag.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience should your bag be delayed. Such isolated incidents are not typical of American Airlines high standard of service. We will make every effort to locate your property as quickly as possible.

Contact your local American Airlines Baggage Desk.

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XClose Damaged Baggage

Prompt notification of a damaged bag helps us get your property to you promptly therefore all American Airlines and American Eagle airport locations are equipped to handle the initial report, evaluation and settlement of damage claims. If your bag is damaged, please notify us:

  • In person before leaving the airport
  • Within 7 days for international itineraries
  • At the latest, within 24 hours after you receive your bag for domestic itineraries

Please notify us as soon as possible, contact your local American Airlines Baggage Desk. Failure to report damage to baggage within the prescribed time limit releases American Airlines and American Eagle from any liability.

Missing Items

  • Items missing from checked baggage must be reported to American before leaving the airport or within 24 hours of the receipt of the bag.

Important recommendation for your journey back from the U.S.

Please note that all baggage checked at a U.S. airport is screened by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

American Airlines is not liable for any damage resulting from inspections from the TSA. If the TSA has inspected your baggage, written notification will be placed inside your bag or a seal will be placed on the outside. You may contact the TSA if you believe your baggage has been damaged as a result of a TSA inspection.

Although we recommend that you do not lock your baggage when travelling from a U.S. airport due to the TSA screening of every checked bag, there are now locks available at retail outlets which can be used to secure your luggage without creating the need to break the lock or damage your bag.

Tips To Help Reduce The Risk Of Damaged Luggage

  • Never check a bag that doesn't completely close. If you need a luggage strap or bungee cord to keep the bag closed, it probably won't survive the trip.
  • Check your bag carefully in the baggage claims area before leaving the airport.
  • Never check a bag that is meant to be carried on. Most briefcases, tote bags, plastic garment covers and items received through retail promotions are not designed to be checked luggage.
  • Never check a bag that is meant to be carried on. Most briefcases, tote bags, plastic garment covers and items received through retail promotions are not designed to be checked luggage.
  • Don't over-pack. Over-packing puts a strain on zippers, seams, frames and hinges.
  • Consider replacing old or worn luggage. Luggage that is several years old may not be able to withstand automated baggage handling systems.

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Liability Limitations


Liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage will be limited as indicated below, unless a higher valuation for checked baggage has been declared and additional charges paid at check-in. Excess valuation may not be declared on certain types of articles. Please see Additional Insurance

Liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage is limited to:

  • Domestic travel - $3,400 USD per ticketed passenger.
  • International travel governed by the Montreal Convention - 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per ticketed passenger

Baggage Liability Restrictions

  • Maximum liability is not automatic - damage or loss value must be proven
  • American Airlines does not assume liability for unsuitably packed items
  • American Airlines does not assume liability for loss, damage or delay of baggage that may result from a security search conducted by any local, state, or federal agency

Additional Insurance

If you are traveling with items valued beyond the standard baggage liability allowance, you may decide additional insurance is necessary.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Excess valuation insurance covers loss of the baggage; it does not cover damage to the bag or its contents.
  • American Airlines assumes no liability for certain checked items. Excess valuation may not be purchased for these items. Please see Limits of Liability for details and additional sources of liability limitations.
  • Additional insurance may be purchased when you are checking your baggage at any airport ticket counter. Skycaps are not able to offer excess valuation insurance.
  • If your itinerary involves more than one airline, it is important to remember that excess value insurance must be purchased from each carrier, and only applies to the carrier it was purchased from. It will be necessary to claim your luggage at the connecting city, recheck and insure the bags with the other carrier.


The charge for excess valuation insurance for checked baggage is assessed at a rate of $2.00 USD per each one hundred dollars purchased. The total valuation on your checked luggage may not exceed $5,000 USD per passenger. The total valuation of $5,000 includes the standard baggage liability allowance + excess valuation insurance purchased.

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