Q: I forgot my AAdvantage® number or password, how do I retrieve them?
A: Please visit aa.com (which can be done from your mobile device) and follow the directions to retrieve your AAdvantage number and/or reset your password.

Q: When do I need to log in to the application?
A: For your protection, we require you to log in using your AAdvantage number and password to access most information on the application. You have the option for the application to remember your password. To remember your password, you need to opt-in at log in.

Q: How do I log out of the application?
A: On the iPhone app, if you want to log out, pull down the window shade on the home screen or in the My Account section and select the "Log Out" button. On the Android app, select the menu button at the bottom of your device and select "Log Out." On the Blackberry app, select the menu button and select "Log Out." On the Windows phone app, go to the My Account section and select "Log Out."

Q: How do I tell the application to stop remembering my password?
A: If you opted in to have the application remember your AAdvantage number and password, you can opt-out by selecting the "Log Out" button. When you log in again, make sure the option to keep you logged in is "off."

Q: How is my privacy protected?
A: Your privacy is important to us. We protect your online information in the same way we protect our passenger information obtained through telephone reservations and the AAdvantage program. The guidelines we use for protecting the information you provide us is listed in our Privacy Policy which you can find off the information menu.

Q:Why do I have to enter my password again when I'm already logged in on the application?
A: If you are logged in on the application, the only time you have to enter your password again is if you select a button that links you to aa.com. For security and privacy purposes, you will be asked to re-enter your password.

Q: How do I become an AAdvantage Member?
A: Select the "AAdvantage Enrollment" button on the home screen and you will be directed to the form. Enter your information for immediate enrollment.

Q: I have the application open, but I'm having problems getting the system to respond. What should I do?
A: Check to see if you can access other URLs. If not, you may be out of the area covered by your service provider. If you can access other URLs, there may be a temporary problem with the site. Try again later. If the problem persists, call us at 1-800-222-2377.

Q: How can I view my reservations?
A: If you are logged into the application, select "My Flights" to see a list of your upcoming reservations. If you are logged in and you have a flight within 72 hours, it will display on your home screen. If you are not logged into the application, select "View Reservation & Check In" from the home screen and then enter first name, last name and record locator.

Q: When will my upcoming flight be shown on the home screen?
A: If you are logged into the application and you have a flight departing within 72 hours, your home screen will display your flight information. You can swipe to see more flights in the itinerary from the home screen as well. You can also rotate your device to see flight details in landscape view. If you do not have a flight departing within 72 hours, you will see the normal home screen with a list of features.

Q: How do I refresh information on the application?
A: On the Android and Blackberry application, you can refresh any screen by selecting the bottom menu and selected "Refresh." On the iPhone app, if you are logged in and on the home screen or in My Account, you can refresh the information by pulling down the window shade. On the Windows 7 app, you can refresh by selecting the refresh icon on your screen.

Q: How do I use landscape view within the application?
A: On the iPhone app, landscape view is only supported for the "Flight Details" view under "My Flights" or via the home screen if your itinerary is within 72 hours of departure. On the Android app, all screens are supported in landscape mode except for the mobile boarding pass screen. On the Blackberry and Windows 7 app, no screens are supported in landscape view.

Q: Can I view or change my seat assignment on the application?
A: Yes. When your itinerary is displayed prior to checking in, select the seat icon and you will be sent to aa.com to view or change your seat assignment. You will be presented with a seat map showing available seats. Once you check in on aa.com, seat assignments can be viewed but cannot be changed.

Q: What is the "Email This" feature that is displayed when viewing an itinerary?
A: The "Email This" feature allows you to email a snapshot of the itinerary information to anyone in your contacts. This feature does not send updated flight information. In order to receive updated flight information, please sign up for a Flight Status Notification by selecting the "Flight Status Notification" button on the "Flight Details" screen.

Q: Are there any special circumstances in which I can't use Flight Check-In on the application?
A: You are not eligible to use Online Flight Check-In if:

If you need more information, please go to the Contact AA section and call the Flight Bookings number or the AAdvantage Reservation desk.

Q: Who can use Flight Check-In on the application?
A: You can use Flight Check-In if you meet all of the following requirements:

Q: How do I check my baggage after checking in on the application?
A: After you have checked in, you may check your bags using any of the following options:

Q: I am checked in on the application but the "Boarding Pass" button is not enabled and clickable for me. How do I get my boarding pass?
A: If you have other passengers in your reservation, everyone must be checked in before you will be able to select the "Boarding Pass" button. To ensure that you are checked in, select "Check In" and make sure it is indicated by your name on the list that you are checked in. If you are checked in, you can go to the airport to get your boarding pass and also to check your bags using any of the following options:

You can also go to aa.com and print your boarding pass by retrieving your reservation.

Q: Can I check in for my return flight at the same time as my outbound flight?
A: Customers traveling with e-tickets who have return flights within 24 hours of departure may check in for both outbound and return flight segments at the same time.

Q: Why did the application send me to aa.com to continue Flight Check-In?
A: You will be sent to aa.com to continue Flight Check-In if your itinerary has any of the following conditions:

Q: What time should I arrive at the airport?
A: The amount of time needed to complete all check-in requirements varies depending on your itinerary. A good rule of thumb is to arrive at the airport two hours before domestic flight departures and four hours before international flight departures. See aa.com/arrivaltimes for more details.

Q: How can I view the airport standby list ?
A: In order to view the standby list, you must have already requested to be placed on the standby list. You can view the list by selecting the green bar displayed with your flight information. To request to be placed on the standby list, please see an airport agent.

Q: How do I use the mobile boarding pass within the application?
A: If you are eligible, you will see a mobile boarding pass when you select the "Boarding Pass" button on your itinerary. You can view your itinerary either on your home screen or in the My Flights section when you select the flight to view details. You can present this boarding pass at the security checkpoint and at the gate to board your flight. To obtain a paper boarding pass or to check baggage, visit a Self-Service Check-In machine when you arrive at the airport or stop by Curbside Check-In.

Q: Why did I not get a mobile boarding pass?
A: To be eligible for a mobile boarding pass, you must be in a single passenger itinerary and departing from and connecting through TSA approved cities. Visit aa.com/mobileboarding to learn which cities are TSA approved.

Q: What if I do not have connectivity at the airport and need to show my mobile boarding pass?
A: If you have already viewed your mobile boarding pass, it will be cached on your application. To retrieve the mobile boarding pass, go to the "More Menu" and select "BoardingPass." All mobile boarding passes will be cached in the application for 48 hours.

Q: What terminal maps are available on the application?
A: Terminal maps are available for these 6 airports: DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth), JFK (New York), LAX (Los Angeles), LGA (New York), MIA (Miami), ORD (Chicago). If a terminal map is available, the gate or baggage icon will be blue and clickable. If a terminal map is not available, the gate and baggage icon will be gray. More terminal maps may be available in the future.

Q: What is the "Parking Reminder" and how do I set it?
A: The "Parking Reminder" is a tool you can use to remind you where you parked at the airport by taking a picture and/or writing notes. The parking reminder is found within your itinerary. Please note that this is not a GPS based feature yet.

Q: Is my GPS location used within the application?
A: At this time, GPS is only used to detect the airport nearest you when using Flight Status or Flight Schedules. By enabling this feature, we will pre-populate the nearest AA-serviced airport.

Q: How do I request an upgrade?
A: To request an upgrade, select "Manage Your Flight" from the "Flight Details" section of your reservation. You will be directed to AA.com to complete the process.

Q: How do I create a Flight Status Notification?
A: To create a Flight Status Notification by flight number, select "Notifications" from the "More Menu." If you have set preferences in your profile for notifications, select the "Notification Center" button on the "Flight Details" screen of one of your flights. You will be directed to the Notification Center on AA.com to manage your notifications.

Q: What information can be found in My Account?
A: The account information that is shown on the application is your account balance, elite status qualification graph and upgrade balance for the current month. If you are a regular member, you will also be able to view and save an image of your AAdvantage card. If you would like to view your account activity or your balance for the previous six months, then select the "Manage My Account" button. You will be sent to aa.com to view more My Account information.