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1. Guides To Special Offers And Savings

Q:  Why is there no date in the valid return date column when I searched for fare sales?
A:  If there is no date in the valid return column, the fare is one way, and may be booked roundtrip anytime during the valid departure dates.
Q:  Why do I see the same city pairs (e.g., Chicago-Dallas) repeated in my fare sales alerts? Why do the same city pairs have different prices?
A:  At any given time, there may be several sales affecting the same city pair, but with different travel dates or restrictions. Select the restrictions link next to the city pair to find out more about the specifics of the sale.

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2. City / Airport Codes

Q:  I typed the city name / city code and didn't receive the correct city in the results.
A:  This function on will accommodate some phonetics spellings and give a list of results. If the city you are searching for is not in that result list, you may want to check the spelling or it may be a city that does not have any type of commercial air service.

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