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Pregnant women

Flying is completely safe and does not affect the pregnancy

Iberia does not require any specific authorisation before 28 weeks of pregnancy.

The IATA Medical Manual recommends you do seek authorisation after 28 weeks.

Your doctor will always indicate whether or not you should fly.

Women more than 36 weeks pregnant will not be able to fly on IB5XXX flights operated by Vueling

Flying when pregnant

Find out about the authorisations you will need to fly if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant.

After the 36th week of pregnancy (32nd in the case of multiple pregnancies without complications) IATA recommends against flying.

If you still feel you need to travel, let your doctor decide.

In any other case, you will require previous authorisation from the IBERIA Medical Service.

You can start to fly again one week after giving birth.

Flying with newborn babies

Newborn babies can fly after they are 48 hours old but it is recommended they do not until they are more than one week old.


  • Pressure changes could bother your baby (consult your paediatrician).
  • We recommend you keep your baby well-hydrated before and after the flight, as newborn babies are highly susceptible to dehydration.