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In-flight menu

Gastronomic offer in each of our classes on the new long-haul flights

Special meals

Flights for all tastes

You can request different types of meals during the flight. If you are allergic to a particular food, we recommend you call "Telephone Sales" as we cannot guarantee its complete absence in the meal or that another food has not been exposed to the product you are allergic to during the production process.

Who can request a special meal?
  • If you travel on an Iberia* flight in Business Class except on domestic flights of under 90 minutes.
  • If you travel on an Iberia* flight in Economy Class you can request it on flights with destination Bucharest, Tel Aviv, Dakar, Lagos, Malabo, Moscow, St Petersburg, Warsaw and flights to the American continent.
  • For other Iberia flights you will have to choose from the in-flight menu service (SBP)
  • Request your special menu from Booking Management

* We require a minimum of 24 hours before flight departure for all requests, except for Kosher and Special meals

Special meals available
  • Indian vegetarian meal Asian/Indian spiced vegetarian food that could include a dairy product

  • Oriental vegetarian meal Strict Chinese-style vegetarian meal

  • Raw vegetarian meal Vegetarian meal based on raw vegetables and fruit

  • Strict vegetarian meal No dairy, meat, fish, eggs or honey

  • Low-calorie meal Low-calorie meal, low in fat and simple carbohydrates

  • Bland diet Prescribed for digestive/intestinal problems. It consists of soft texture foods and low fibre content.

  • Without lactose meal No dairy or dairy-based products

  • Low-fat meal Low-fat, low-cholesterol meal

  • Low-sodium meal Food with no salt and minimum sodium content. With no smoked, cooked or packaged products. Does not contain olives, anchovies and sauces.

  • Meal for diabetics Sugar-free, low-fat, low calorie meal

  • Meal for people with Glutose Intolerance Meals with no wheat, rye, barley or oats. Not suitable for those allergic to gluten

  • Baby meal Baby meal suitable for the under-2s.

  • Kids' meal Suitable for children between 2 and 4. The meal consists of soft, easy to chew food

  • Kosher meal All food must be prepared and served according to Orthodox Jewish tradition and supervised by the Rabbi. The meal must be requested 48 hours in advance if the flight departs from Brussels.

  • Islamic meal Meal with no pork or pork derivates, no gelatine or alcohol.

  • Jain vegetarian meal Specifically designed for followers of this religion. Indian vegetarian meal made in accordance with the Jain rite

  • Fruit platter Fruit platter with no additives and/or preservatives. (Not available in economy class)

  • Seafood meal Meal based on fish and seafood. (Not available in economy class)

  • Special meal** Please state which type of food it should include or avoid. The meal should be requested 72 hours in advance. (Not available in economy class)

  • Vegetarian
  • Dietary
  • Children
  • Special
  • Religious-Cultural

* These meals are served on flights operated by Iberia. This service is not offered on IB4XXX, IB5XXX and IB7XXX codeshare flights, nor on Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flightscode IB8XXX. Consult the operating company directly.

** If you require a special meal other than those in our catalogue, please inform us about your needs. We will see whether it is viable and do everything we can to attend to your requests. Remember that requests for this type of meal are not processed on Saturdays or Sundays and you cannot lodge your request via

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