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Minors travelling alone

They may travel without a companion bearing a number of conditions in mind

This service can be booked through your Iberia office or travel agency

05 - 11 years. Children travelling without a companion

  • There is a special service available from departure through to arrival, including in transit for connecting flights.
  • They are considered accompanied if they are travelling with a person aged 16 or over on the day of the flight.
  • Given the limitation of seats of this type, please book the flight in advance.

Consider fluctuations in exchange rates when you contract the service.

Other airlines may have different regulations, age limits and fares, so please check with them prior to booking.

Different charges, fees or taxes may apply in accordance with the law in each country.

Because of the special treatment they require, please consider the following recommendations.

What documentation does a minor need to travel?

12 - 17 years. Young people travelling with a companion

  • If you are the parent or guardian you can ask for the same service as that offered to children aged five to 11.
  • It covers transits for connecting flights and customised attention from departure through to arrival.
  • Book in advance and comply with the obligatory security requirements.

Remember you cannot request this service on IB7000 flights or when the journey includes legs flown by other airlines. Minors aged under 14 will not be allowed to fly alone on IB7000 American Airlines flights and should always be accompanied by a person aged 18 or over.

A person who has turned 16 is considered an adult for the purpose of accompanying a minor. We remind you that these types of passengers are considered adults for fare purposes.

Cost of the service

Payment will be made at the time of booking and issuing the ticket

Cost of the service
Domestic flights (except Canary Islands) To Europe, the Canary Islands, the Middle East and Africa (except Luanda) From Europe, the Middle East and Africa to America and Luanda From America and Luanda
30€ 50€ 75€ USD100

Exceptional cases

Regulations on international flights

On international flights (European and Third Countries), because there are no standard regulations, all minors (accompanied or not and regardless of age) should present their own National Identification Document (with formalised authorisation from a police station if travelling alone) or passport, and must also meet the requirements of the country to which they are travelling.

Flights to or from Mexico

Starting 24 January 2014, all minors who travel alone or accompanied by a third person who is not either of their parents or their legal guardian, should present a document signed by both parents or the parent who has custody or the person who has guardianship, before a notary public or pertinent authority, where it states that the child is allowed to leave the national territory.

When it is a document granted abroad, it should be authorised or apostilled, depending on the case, with a translation (if in a language other than Spanish).

In the specific case of Spain, the police have an authorisation document especially for these cases.

Departures from Spanish airports

Entry through to the boarding area is permitted to guardians or family members of minors under 14 who are travelling alone. Please ask for a Companions' Card at the Iberia check-in desk. They will only be allowed access to accompany the minor to the boarding gate on the day and time of the flight. The adult companion should carry his/her valid passport or DNI to be able to access the border control together with the minor.

And remember

  • Minors travel accompanied by Iberia personnel.
  • There are special conditions depending on their age.
  • The service runs from departure through to arrival.
  • Book in advance.
  • Find out the documentation needed to fly.