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Transporting your pet

When you want to transport your pet, you can rest assured that we will take the very best care of them. Pets must be booked to travel with British Airways World Cargo, and they will be carried in the aircraft hold. 

Transporting your pet on American Airlines and Iberia

If you would like information about transporting your pet on a flight operated by American Airlines or Iberia, you can use the links on this page to find out more.

The content displayed for American Airlines and Iberia is provided by each airline and is taken directly from their own websites.

Pet Travel Scheme

This scheme allows cats and dogs to travel between certain countries and certain UK airports without the need to go through the usual 6 months quarantine.

Travelling with a Guide/Assistance Dog

We will make special arrangements for your Guide/Assistance Dog, to ensure they are able to travel with you in the aircraft cabin.

Certified Assistance Dogs for blind, deaf or disabled passengers travel free of charge in the aircraft cabin on most flights from the UK; and provided dogs are compliant with the Pet Travel Scheme, on all British Airways routes approved by DEFRA to the UK.

  • For travel, into the UK, in the cabin, your first point of entry must be either London Heathrow, London Gatwick, or Manchester.

  • To avoid quarantine in the UK, the animal must travel under the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS).

  • Assistance dogs in the cabin and connecting on flights at London must be compliant with the Pet Travel Scheme.

  • On other approved routes, Certified Assistance Dogs for blind, deaf or disabled passengers travel free of charge as unaccompanied pets and are carried in the aircraft hold.

Notify British Airways when travelling with a Guide/Assistance Dog

Please contact your local British Airways office at the time of booking to arrange travel for your Guide/Assistance Dog, as the number carried on each aircraft is restricted.

Preparing your Guide Dog/Assistance Dog for travel
  • Bring a dog car safety harness or equivalent to secure your dog during take off and landing (a collar and lead will not be acceptable for this).

  • On longhaul flights, we suggest you bring a fleece/vet bed for your dog.

  • You need to contact DEFRA if travelling to or through London, who require a faxed copy of all relevant documentation prior to travel.

  • Refer to the government website of the country to which you're travelling for any additional entry requirements or documentation that may need completing.

  • Contact British Airways at least seven days prior to travel to notify us that you wish to travel with a Guide Dog/Assistance Dog.

  • Check in for your flight at an airport check-in desk in order to complete travel documentation and formalities prior to going through airport security.

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