Reactivate Expired AAdvantage Miles

reactivateAAmiles(SM) - Reactivate Some Or All Of Your Expired AAdvantage Miles
Now, you can reactivate some or all of your expired AAdvantage miles and use them to claim awards. Extend the life of your expired miles and quickly boost your available mileage balance.

  • Miles that expired on or after December 31, 2002, may be eligible for reactivation*
  • The price to reactivate miles is $200 - $600 (subject to 7.5% federal excise tax), depending on the number of miles reactivated
Reactivate Miles
  • Contact AAdvantage Customer Service at 1-800-882-8880 (ask for "AAdvantage Account Service" at the Main Menu)
  • Reactivate rates are as follows, plus 7.5% federal excise tax
    • $200 - to reactivate 1 - 50,000 expired miles
    • $400- to reactivate 50,001 - 75,000 expired miles
    • $600 - to reactivate more than 75,000 expired miles
  • Rates are charged based on the total number of miles reactivated from one account at one time, regardless of when the miles expired
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If you're looking to increase your account balance or quickly gain miles needed for an award, then reactivateAAmiles may be the way to go!

Reactivated AAdvantage miles will be credited to your account as a mileage bonus and do not count toward elite status qualification. Please allow 72 hours for the miles to post to your account. You will have at least 18 months in which to redeem reactivated miles for an award. Reactivated miles will not expire as long as your account has qualifying activity in any 18-month period.

*Expired miles in archived accounts may not be eligible for reactivation.