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We regularly monitor and test browsers to ensure the highest quality standards. We may discontinue support of existing browsers if they no longer meet W3C standards or are no longer supported by their development company.

Customers who use older or beta browser versions or other browsers may experience visual or functional difficulties with some pages.



*We don’t specify additional version levels for Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 and above. These browsers use automatic updates, which means updates may occur rapidly and un-announced. However, these browsers all are based on current W3C guidelines and specifications and pass the stringent ACID tests for browser compliance.

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  • How to determine which browser you're using
  • Check your settings to fix some site functionality or broken page displays
  • How to disable IE compatibility view

    Internet Explorer has a compatibility view, a feature that affects how some websites are displayed, like To make sure that works properly, remove from your list of sites that have compatibility view enabled.

    For IE9 and IE10 users:

    If your Windows computer is administered by your organization, you may not be able to access compatibility view settings or remove from the list of affected domains. Please contact your administrator or helpdesk as they may have used a Windows group policy setting to set this parameter for you.