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Introduction to Santa Fe

American Airlines flights to Santa Fe help you explore this mystical destination. The wide array of things to do in Santa Fe may surprise you. There are, of course, significant historic sites, a rich cultural scene and divine spas, plus challenging golf courses. But there are also creative, hands-on ways to experience the city -- after all, Santa Fe is the first U.S. city to be chosen by UNESCO as a Creative City, and one of only nine cities in the entire world to hold this designation.

Things To Do In Santa Fe

One of most well-known activities in Santa Fe centers around the city's dedication to culture and the arts. There are approximately 300 galleries and dealers in Santa Fe, more than a dozen museums with diverse exhibits of art, culture and history and the outstanding Santa Fe Opera.

For those seeking places with historic significance, there is a delightful variety of things to do in Santa Fe. From ancient Native American ruins where you'll be able to view petroglyphs to a living museum featuring Spanish Colonial life, there are places you'll find captivating. We especially enjoy the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, where you'll see astounding geological formations that occurred almost 7 million year ago. Over time, wind and water helped create canyons and ravines, where bands of gray blend with beige and pink-hued rock of the faces of cliffs. In addition, the Monument includes several important archaeological sites. Several large ancestral pueblos were established in the 14th and 15th centuries (the Pueblo de Cochiti), and descendants of the original inhabitants still live in the surrounding area.

If you enjoy a more interactive experience, you'll enjoy activities in Santa Fe that promote creative tourism. Classes, hands-on demonstrations and more let you be as involved as you'd like. You can find classes in painting, jewelry making, glass blowing, photography, pottery, sculpture, cooking -- the list is truly impressive.

Long cherished for its sense of connection to the earth's essential elements, the city is known for its opportunities of spiritual exploration. Some of the most popular things to do in Santa Fe include yoga and even a unique blend of yoga and hiking in the scenic desert.

Those who find peace in shopping will also have plenty to enjoy: Santa Fe Plaza, the old city square, offers any number of shopper's delights.

American Airlines makes flying to Santa Fe simple and convenient. Let us help you plan your journey to the City Different today.

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