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Flight Check-In

Flying on US Airways?

If your first flight is operated by US Airways, be sure to check in with them at »

Which airline is operating my flight?

To better ensure an on-time departure, our goal is to close the jetbridge door 10 minutes prior to departure time. This allows all customers to board and stow their belongings.

Flight Notifications

Receive flight status notifications via text, email or voicemail by creating a notification Or if you fly often, a quick one-time setup in your AAdvantage account is all it takes to automatically receive flight status notifications on all your upcoming flights.

Flight Number Changes

Your flight number may have changed due to recent adjustments to our flight numbers. The scheduled date and time of your flight will remain the same, and no action is required on your part. Check out our travel notices page for more information.

We are co-locating operations, ticket counters and gates with US Airways at several airports to provide you with convenient access when traveling on our airlines. You can find out about recent and upcoming moves on our travel notices page. Before arriving at the airport, please check gate and terminal information. You can also stay up to date by signing up for flight status notifications.

Note: Enter all information exactly as it appears on the itinerary and receipt or reservation. If you do not know your Record Locator: Login to view a list of your reservations or Contact AA Reservations.

Additional Travel Needs

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