Wi-Fi and connectivity

Wi-Fi and connectivity

Inflight Wi-Fi

Stay connected using any Wi-Fi enabled device, including smartphones (in airplane mode). To see if your flight has Wi-Fi, look for the symbol on your boarding pass or check online.

Does your flight have Wi-Fi?


You can always access aa.com for free during your flight. Wi-Fi is available on almost all routes for as little as $10.*

If you fly often, join the Monthly American Airlines Plan for $49.95 a month (plus tax). The pass is valid only on Gogo and Viasat Wi-Fi equipped domestic flights operating between airports within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, where network coverage is available. Wi-Fi services provided by Panasonic, regardless of destination, are not covered under the American Airlines Wi-Fi subscription plan.**

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Onboard power

Most of our planes have AC power outlets; those with DC power are being converted. If you need, we have DC-to-AC adaptors available on select flights in First or Business. Simply ask your flight attendant for an adaptor.***

See what power is available on our planes.

Our planes

Phones and electronic devices

You can use your cell phone, laptop computer and other electronic devices onboard until advised by the flight crew, but cell phone calls aren't allowed during flight.

Please keep these things in mind during taxi, takeoff and landing:

  • Put small devices in airplane mode and either hold or place the device under your seat
  • Laptops and other large items cannot be held and should be turned off and put away

Onboard satellite phones

Satellite phone service is available on select Airbus A330 aircraft in First and Business. Enjoy worldwide calls and pay onboard using most major credit cards.†

* Valid on select routes.

** Wi-Fi Subscriptions are currently not supported on the following Panasonic equipped Wi-Fi fleet; 777s, 787s, A330s and select 757s and 767 aircraft.

***AC adaptors are available for Business Class customers on 767-300 planes flying to / from Europe, South American and on transcontinental flights between JFK and LAX or between JFK and San Francisco (SFO).

†Telenor Satellite Services, Inc. (Telenor) operates under a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Liability of Telenor and air carrier for failure of communications is limited to call charges only. Billing starts when the call is connected. Service may be unavailable or interrupted due to factors such as gaps in satellite coverage, weather conditions, system repair and capacity limitations. Complaints may be directed to: Federal Communications Commission, Enforcement Bureau, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554.

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