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American Airlines and American Eagle® accept service animals used by persons with disabilities at no charge. An animal may accompany a customer with a disability in the aircraft cabin, provided the animal can be accommodated without obstructing an aisle or other area used for emergency evacuations.

If a service animal is disruptive or too large to fit under the seat or at the passenger's feet without encroaching on another passenger's space or protruding into the aisle, it will need to travel in a kennel (provided by the passenger) in the cargo hold. The kennel must meet IATA kennel and size requirements for the animal. Temperature restrictions apply to ensure the safety of the animal.

There is no charge for service animals used by customers with disabilities. However, credible verbal assurance that the animal is providing a service to assist with a disability will suffice should an inquiry be made.

View a list of animal relief areas at select airports. If your airport is not listed, please ask for directions or assistance at our ticket counter.

For information regarding working dogs, please see our Traveling With Pets page page.

Quarantine restrictions may apply. Your reservations agent or travel agent will be happy to check destination regulations for you.

Service Animals Traveling To Hawaii

Hawaii has strict guidelines for entry. Customers traveling with animals are required to comply with Hawaii's import requirements. Quarantine laws are designed to protect residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated with the introduction and spread of rabies. Customers are required to make prior arrangements directly with Animal Quarantine at 808-483-7151 or* for animal clearance.

Service animals, including emotional support, that are dogs and cats my travel in the cabin to/from Hawaii or directly to outer Hawaii Islands (e.g. Kona, Lihue or Maui.) All other types of service animals must go through Honolulu first. All service animals must have proper entry documents.

At check-in, customers must be prepared to present quarantine documentation that the animal is allowed to enter the state of Hawaii.

Service Animals Traveling To The United Kingdom

American Airlines is approved to carry service animal cats or dogs to the U.K. A disabled passenger must obtain and present a pre-approval letter issued from the animal reception center in the passenger's destination city. The passenger must also possess the original health documentation used to obtain the pre-approval letter. For pre-approval requirements go to:*

Passengers may also call the following Animal Reception Center:
London Heathrow (LHR)(011) 44 208 745 7894
Manchester (MAN)(011) 44 161 489 8220

Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland (EDI)
We strongly recommend you email, the agency that handles animal travel to Edinburgh, at least 48 hours before your flight if you're traveling with a service/assistance dog or emotional support dog or cat. You are also required to carry an ID card or valid certificate into EDI from the organization that trained or supplied the animal, showing the dog is a recognized service/assistance dog.

Emotional Support or Psychiatric Service Animals
Emotional support and psychiatric service animals provide emotional support to an individual with a mental health-related disability. These service animals are permitted to accompany customers with a disability in the cabin. The animal will not be required to be in a kennel provided it is clean, well behaved, remains with the customer and under the customer's control at all times. In addition, the animal cannot exhibit any disruptive behavior or pose a threat to other passengers or animals.

To make arrangements for the transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service animal, please call Reservations at 1-800-433-7300 at least 48 hours before your flight. Flight check-in is one hour in advance prior to the general public.

We require current documentation dated (no later than one (1) year from the date of the passenger's scheduled initial flight) by submitting the required documentation (PDF) by fax to 817-967-4715 or email to If we are unable to validate the documentation, or if the advance notification is not provided, the animal will be permitted to travel as a pet, and a kennel and pet fee will be required.

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